Please contact the Parish Office to initiate funeral arrangements. A clergy member will commence arrangements and direct the family to a Bereavement Minister to guide you in planning the liturgy for the Vigil and/or the Funeral Mass and for your loved one. The Bereavement Minister will suggest ways for your family and friends to be personally involved in selecting the Readings from Scripture etc.

We hope that you will find that planning the Vigil and/or Funeral Mass with your family can be very rewarding and very comforting. If you are not inclined to select the Readings, this can be done by the Priest. When you have made your decisions regarding the liturgical services, please call the Bereavement Minister who is assisting you and give him/her the selections you have decided on. Following the Vigil Service or before the Funeral Mass, the Bereavement Minister will give the persons participating as Lectors in the Funeral Mass a copy of his/her reading which will enable him/her to study and prepare for the Mass.

To volunteer as a bereavement minister or to arrange for a funeral Mass, please contact the Parish Office at (714) 842-3000.

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