It is a grace to be used by the Holy Spirit to help form others in our Catholic Faith. There are many different opportunities to serve Christ in others in our Faith Formation Program. Please prayerfully consider serving in one of our ministries.

Our Faith Formation Ministry currently needs volunteers for the following programs:


  • We need Catechists and Classroom Assistants to monitor our children during class.
  • Volunteers to check students in as they arrive for faith formation, sanitizing stations, and check out students when families pick up.

We provide training for all of our programs!

Participating in the above-mentioned programs does not only help our children, but it also enriches and benefits the souls of the volunteers. If you need more information, please contact Rose Antognoli Director of Faith Formation at 714-842-3000 ext. 117 or Patty Carrillo at the Faith Formation Office: 714-842-3000, ext. 114, or e-mail: