Congratulations on your engagement!
Although a minimum of 6 months advance notice is required, most couples plan 12 months or more in advance to reserve their date to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony so they can begin to make other wedding arrangements. First review our guidelines (Wedding Guidelines English or Pautas de la Boda Español) for celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony at Saint Vincent de Paul Church. Then make an appointment with a Priest or Deacon to begin the preparation process. This is needed before you can reserve your wedding date with the Church. Then you may reserve with confidence your reception venue.
Our focus is on celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony for our Parish members. We cannot be a wedding venue for non-parishioners.

To contact a Priest or Deacon please call 714.842.3000.







Marriage and the Family

Natural Family Planning

Many people are taking the time to learn about healthy lifestyles and are putting what they learn into practice. To avoid artificial contraception, couples can now receive education about the woman’s fertility cycle and use this information to achieve or postpone pregnancy.

What is Natural Family Planning? (PDF)

¿Qué es la Planificación Familiar Natural? (PDF)

Couple to Couple League of Orange County
•Learn the Sympto-Thermal Method from a certified NFF Provider
•For more information: (800) 745-8252

Northwest Family Services (online course)
•This method is based on self-understanding, shared decision-making, and responsibility.
•Register online at
•For more information call: 503-546-6377