Forward in Hope

Our parish is trying to organize a bus shuttle to the OneLife LA event on Saturday, January 22, 2022. Help us fill the bus and register today!

Nuestra parroquia está tratando de organizar un servicio de transporte en autobús al evento OneLife LA el sábado 22 de enero de 2022. ¡Ayúdenos a llenar el autobús y registrarse hoy!

In 2015, OneLife LA began in Los Angeles as a one-day event meant to catalyze a movement of love and mercy in our city and our entire community. Over the years, tens of thousands of people have gathered in downtown LA to witness the beauty and dignity of every human life.


OneLife LA partners with many Southern California-based service organizations that provide life-affirming support to pregnant women, assist immigrants and refugees, the homeless, trafficking survivors, the elderly, the disabled and the dying, and help foster children find forever homes. This commitment to service ensures that participants view this event not only as a destination, but as a call to build up their communities.


This family-friendly event begins with a solidarity-building walk through downtown Los Angeles, ending with a festival, live music, food trucks, entertainment, and inspiring speakers. Our speakers share powerful stories of what they have overcome in life and how they use that struggle to help others. These stories inspire and mobilize thousands of people to do good work every day to help those in need.

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