Confirmation is a sacrament that deepens your faith life and allows you to see how the Holy Spirit is working in your life. It enlivens the gifts that we received at our Baptism. The Confirmation program is a two-year process with enrollment of incoming freshman high school students. The program runs from September through May. Teens are taught by catechists and meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month. For more information, contact Raphael Garcia, “RG”, the High School Youth Minister at 714-842-3000 ext. 29 or send an email at:. You may also visit the Confirmation page by clicking here.


Are you a baptized Catholic who needs the sacrament of Confirmation?   

If you have made your First Communion, are 19 years old or older and have never been confirmed, we have a program for you to prepare for the reception of this sacrament of initiation. Confirmation is the Sacrament that completes the grace of Baptism by a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit. A Catholic is not fully initiated into the Church if he or she is not confirmed.   The Sessions are on Sunday mornings beginning in the Fall from 11:10 AM – 12:30 PM until the end of the Easter season. We meet in the new Meeting Room E. For a registration click on the link below.

Registration to receive Confirmation in 2019 is closed. Registration to receive Confirmation in 2020 will open in the Summer of 2019. For additional information about receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation as an adult contact Mary Kay Lamarre in the Parish Office at 714.842.3000, ext. 123.

2019 Confirmation Dress Code Presentation can be viewed here:
If you are a Baptized Catholic who has not received First Holy Communion and Confirmation, please call Mary Kay Lamarre at the RCIA Office at 714-842-3000, ext. 123, to explore if RCIA is the best process for you to complete your Sacraments.