Get involved in your Parish by serving as minister at the weekend Masses.
New MINISTERS are Welcomed at all Mass times!
join us in ministry today!

  • Some thoughts from those who are currently serving:
    “I feel personally connected with everyone in the church”
    “a positive experience, and gives me a boost of energy”
    “I have learned to love God and revere him more”
    “I have seen peoples’ spirits truly lifted in the hospitals & nursing homes simply
    because I’ve stopped by”
    “The church is my home, I no longer feel mass is long or worse yet, boring”
    “the joy and peace that comes from being a small part of something so much larger than just me”

Commit to serving today and experience a deeper faith, a stronger sense of community and increased love for God.

Liturgical Ministers serve at the Saturday or Sunday Mass they typically attend each weekend making these positions perfect for those who have a desire to be active in their parish and faith, but are pressed for time during the work week. Liturgical Ministers are asked to commit to serving once a month (12 times a year) and once during an Easter or Christmas mass. All ministers will receive training prior to beginning their ministry.
Consider the following ministries:

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: serve communion at mass or take communion to the sick in nursing homes or private homes; you decide which area to serve. There are some requirements: 25 years of age, been Confirmed, if married, married in the Catholic Church.

Greeters & Hospitality Ministers: greet people and make them feel welcome at our parish. They also assist with seating people and taking up the collection. A friendly smile is required for this ministry and the ability to be on your feet for a good part of the Mass.

Lectors: read the first and second readings and the prayers after the homily. Lectors must have a voice that is clear and easy to understand by the assembly. There are some requirements: been Confirmed, if married, married in the Catholic Church.

Upcoming Training Dates

All training takes place in the Church, Monday evenings at 7 pm on the dates below.
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: October 21, February 23, 2020, or May 4, 2020.
Greeters & Hospitality Ministers:  November 18, January 13, 2020, March 9, 2020, April 27, 2020.
Lectors: training dates are by request

Please complete and return the Minister Registration Form either by email, to the Parish Office or when
you come for training. AdultRegistrationForm fillable

Questions: Contact Mary Kay Lamarre, or 714.842.3000 x123