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What is a Connect Group?

Connect Groups are more social in nature than a study group, although they can include study. A Connect Group can be shaped to reflect the preference of group members: there is no set requirement for how it operates. However we do want to have at least two people sharing the leadership so that it isn’t burdensome for one person. Connect Groups will meet in homes… maybe rotating to homes of the participants. We recommend meeting once every two weeks. We ask that those starting a group commit for one year to give it a chance of becoming a more tightly-knit group.


1. share a meal or a snack, depending which is most practical
2. discuss topics related to spiritual growth in an Alpha fashion
3. use the upcoming Sunday readings for reflection and discussion
4. watch a video and talk about it
5. pray for one another (this is an essential component!)
6. sing praise and worship songs together (someone can lead with a guitar or you can use YouTube videos)
7. work together on a service project
8. attend an event together


Mike Slater is talking about the fact that the gender identification for bathrooms is not really about that but about absolute truths, the integrity of the family and much bigger and more important issues.
Dennis Prager’s series on the Ten Commandments – short videos on each of the commandments (numbered like Protestant numbering.)
 Video study series: Possibilities: Happiness series, Footprints of God Series, Why series (temporarily free  series)



  • Tuesday, July 26 at 6 PM – Parish Bonfire at HB State Beach Magnolia Ave. entrance
  • Tuesday, August 16 at 7 PM – Parish Trip to the Angel’s Game
  • Saturday, September 24 All Day – Septemberfest
  • Friday, December 16 at 7:30 PM – Noel Night Christmas Concert



Every Child Deserves! – Corazon de Vida (60) from Corazon de Vida on Vimeo.

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