Sunday coffee and donuts have been an after Mass tradition at SVDP for years and have been missed by many during the pandemic. We’ve been given clearance from the Diocese to restart donuts after Mass, but we can’t do it without lots of help! If you’re passionate about keeping the coffee and donuts tradition alive consider helping in one these roles:

Prep Crew: prepares coffee and donuts for serving after the morning Masses. The job includes making coffee (3 large pots), setting up coffee service (cups, sugar, creamer, etc.), and cutting and allocating donuts. Coffee pots are heavy; you must be able to lift 25 lbs! This job is for early birds as all set-up work must be completed by 7:45 am.

Pick-Up Crew: picks up the donuts from a local donut shop and delivers the donuts to the parish hall. Another job for early birds as the donuts must be here no later than 6:30 am.

Coffee Hosts: Two to three people are needed after each Mass to serve as hosts. This job includes setting out donuts, cleaning tables and coffee pots and talking with other parishioners. This position is great job for friendly people who like to visit while they serve. A family with grade school children and older also make great hosts as they can serve together. You’ll be scheduled to serve after the Mass you prefer to attend, once per month or 13 times per year.

If you feel like one of these jobs will suit you please sign up online below or contact Mary Kay Lamarre, or 714.842.3000 x123.

Sunday Coffee and Donuts Sign Up Form