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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

In the Gospel Jesus says: “Take my yoke upon you.” A “yoke” is a wooden bar placed across the necks of two animals to join them together so they can work together pulling a plow.

So, Jesus yokes himself to us to join us in our discipleship and to lift us up when we are weary and burdened.  But even more, he is teaching us something – he is teaching us how to be yoked to others – how to share the burdens of others. He says “learn from me” – learn from my example, my way of living, my concern for others who are burdened.

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Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible

Tuesdays at 7 PM starting August 4 using Zoom

Uncover the story woven through Scripture with its clever narrative approach and ingenious color-coded Bible Timeline. It is a great way to get the “big picture” of the Bible and see how our Catholic Faith is rooted in Scripture. The study includes a series of 8 informative and engaging half-hour videos,  followed by a lively group discussion.  

You will need to register and purchase a workbook to participate in this study. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to: https://study.ascensionpress.com/studies/49166/registrations/new

  2. It is going to ask you to create a profile using an email address and then a password. If you already have an account, please use the same email address and password.

  3. Next you will need to order the Student Workbook and have it shipped to your home. 

  4. Once you do this, your name will be added to my group roster.

  5. Patty will send you an email with the Zoom link a few days before the first day of the Bible study.

Please order your book early so that you get it in time for the first meeting.